Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Electricity Scientists

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  1. i like how this looks, the variations in the formatting, 2 columns-3 columns, pictures in line & out & good variety, nice quotes....it just looks very good
    good description of circuit
    nice info on Franklin, especially noting he "created" terms
    good to start Joule with backstory, what unit is a Joule?
    nice to mention partners of Edison, good to show that he didnt invent everything first, mention of the current wars was important,
    i like the family backstory of Ohm, good mentioning of Law & papers written, nice including Fourier and Navier (you will encounter them more in math),
    Westinghouse info is good, starting early with life then steam engine work, then electricity, war of currents pretty impt in our history
    isnt it interesting how young Maxwell was and that he did some high level math for science and predicted some things in math, physics, astronomy, chemistry
    interesting how Tesla worked for Edison & Westinghouse & JP Morgan...what if Morgan had kept funding him?????
    I wonder how hard it was for Hertz to work at a University without a lab?
    Siemens company is still a major player today
    nice to cross Volta & Galvani, good explanation of a battery
    Hauksbee, not big but played a role
    Ampere's founding of electromagnetism was big
    Yes, even as far back as ancient Greece were they playing with electricity
    LED has gotten pretty big, and it only took 50 years (sarcasm)
    i wonder if todays electric oven is different than Ahearn's?
    Geo magnetism is interesting in its own, especially how the earth's field has changed
    good that you mentioned Watt as a unit of power
    Henry also has a unit named after him
    Faraday discovering electromagnetic induction lead the way to many things
    Norton's equivalent circuit helps us to analyze circuits
    Shockley helped with the transistor, an important part of todays circuits
    Galvani had a great idea, too bad the measuring devices were not good enough
    Cavendish found one of many inverse square laws in physics (which is why physicists search for a grand unifying theory